The edge

There’s an edge of awareness where each of us stands.  Are you looking for it?  Does the edge scare you?  Have you ever fallen off?  Are you struggling to find your way back?  Are you alone there? Do you find yourself lonely? Are you wondering what’s next?

For those who have journeyed far in their personal growth adventure and who have reached an ending with no end in sight….Welcome…

Here you can explore and develop the ART and SKILL of Maturing….

THE ART….a subtle caress like the wind while you are moving forward into new perspectives with the artist’s eye….

THE SKILL…developing a focussed attention on choice and behavior with an attitude of inclusion and compassion…

We offer:washington 033

H High level TOOLS to help in navigating the Way
Empowering  TIPS to use when you feel lost
Long-term STRATEGIES for seeking the things that you value
Purposeful ACTION to take you to the next level


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Along this Maturing Edge are:

  • STORIES of people on the path of maturing, standing at the edge, gazing into the unknown in their experiences
  • REFLECTIVE WRITINGS that explore examples along this journey in Life in Many Voices
  • BLOGS that talk about ways of living consciously.
    • View from Here offers writings and insights on the meditations as well as the process of maturing into the fullness of who we are meant to be.  .
  • ARTICLES about a wide variety of perspectives, strategies, and practical approaches to the process of maturing.

HERE’S AN ACTIVITY TO GET YOU STARTED…..some wisdom quotes that you can use for your meditations.  We welcome you to add your thoughts and insights as a comment.  Here are some from the moderators.

meditation moments