Welcome to the Maturing Edge communmity… a way for us to adventure together into an enriched life with a new level of maturity….and beyond.

Who makes up this community and what do they value?

We are a community that has followed many paths over our collective years of journeying.  We go by many names:  student, teacher, counsellor, client, psychic, parent, priest, child, scientist, victim, hero, lover, loser, successful, helper, disappointment, failure, gift.

We value our past for it is the only record we have that defines the path we are now on, a collage of truths that shape our lives.  It is important for us to examine the validity and weight of our truths.

We value our present for it holds our potential, the point of infinite options.  In choice, it is important for us to respect balance.

We value our participation in helping shape what we will become.  It is important for us to embrace this responsibility with benevolent indifference.

The creators of The Maturing Edge material and website:

Doug Layzell M.Div., M.A., M.P.C.P. Doug Layzell has been in private practice as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over 30 years. In addition to his university degrees, he has had specialized training to deal with issues of grief and trauma, human sexuality, addictions and spirituality. He has a wide range of experience leading workshops and teaching at the university and community college levels. He is certified by the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association.

Dyan Grant-Francis M.Sc. Dyan has a Masters of Science in Anthropology and Ecology. She has worked in areas of addiction, sexual abuse and incest,  grief and trauma recovery, and palliative care with clients from a variety of cultures and socio-economic conditions.  Dyan uses eco-psychology, a nature-based model to assist her clients in discovering more enriching ways of living. Her first book “The Reluctant Psychic” was published  by Horsdal and Schubart. Copies are available upon request.

We are the two sides of this journey….one walking the path, one holding open the gate….two sides of this present moment….one intrigued with maturing, one standing on the edge.  Where are you?

The Gap
The Gap