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BOOKS about being ‘on the edge’ of maturing…of discovery…of choice.

  • The Reluctant Psychic….a story about a woman who was struggling to mature with a gift that did not fit in the world around her.
    • Available for purchase from the author
  • Tales of Multiplicity….a story of a woman struggling to mature despite abuse that caused mental health issues
    • Available Summer 2018
  • A Life in Many Voices … a story of struggling to mature after a childhood filled with extreme abuse.
    • Available Christmas 2018

STORIES about living on the edge of choice when the ‘old way’ of living is no longer an option.

  • A Rose by any other name
  • Saturday in the Coffee Shop
  • Longing by the Sea
  • In the Shadow of Life…

ACTIVITIES that we have found helpful with travelling along the edge…

  • MEDITATION MOMENTS – a sesries of phrases to consider when meditating with the option to journal your insights