Welcome to the Maturing Edge – our intersection with the unknown, where our willingness to participate in our personal maturing defines our spiritual potential.  This is our growing edge, the point where choice emerges and self-creation begins, that place where who we are declares what we will become.

We believe our experience of this world is a reflection of our inner landscape.  Awake to the full range of this experience, we know it is possible for us to take ownership of who we are as autonomous, interdependent beings.  If you want to see how you are already engaged in your own maturing or would like to take more responsbility in this task we welcome you to this community. With dialogue, insight and support, you are encouraged to join the conversation that leads into your future…for when we move consciously…with grace and purpose…we create the next steps into our individual and personal way of Being.

For information on the background of this site and the facilitators who created it please go to Access Counselling.  Here you will find payment and contact information as well.