yy-treeA Guide to Maturing…A Counsellor’s Perspective

Growing up is much more than growing tall and wide. It is a journey of innumerable steps:  learning,  changing,  adapting.  With each step we seek  satisfaction in a world that offers both struggle and ease, comfort and pain, terror and love. What follows is a guide that points to the many steps we all take if our desire is to successfully mature.

It is my hope that the insights in this guide will resonate with your journey because in the final analysis, participating in our own maturing is the one gift of experience we cannot avoid. Words motivate and music inspires, but the choices we are now making have their roots in what we have already discovered.

These insights can be for you if you want to have a say in the kind of person you will become.
Good luck!

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Chapter I.  The Journey of Maturing:  How are you going to participate?